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Assets Hawaii



Expanding and Enhancing Asset-Building Programs in Hawaii

The Ho`owaiwai Network actively works to build and support family and community assets within the unique context of Hawai‘i – building wealth together, our way.

We are a network for movement building – supporting Hawai‘i’s families and communities as they build their assets and wealth on every island in the state. We are a vehicle for grassroots engagement for connecting a range of activities and actors working toward a shared vision of long-term transformation for our island state.

We are a network of networks that:

  • is connected through meaningful relationships;
  • comprised of many participants from a range of sectors;
  • open new resources;
  • provides a space for self-organization; and
  • collaborates and connects for strategic action.

We strive to:

  • enhance the flow of information;
  • improve communication and increase the productivity of our interactions;
  • open new resources;
  • encourage collaboration, innovation, and learning for breakthroughs;
  • increase inclusion and bridge divides across traditional divides;
  • effect better outcomes for individual change; and
  • facilitate experimentation with new approaches to increase scale and maximize impact.

Three primary areas of our practice work include:

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