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Assets Hawaii


Our Framework

Our policy and practice initiatives are inspired by the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s belief that family economic success can be achieved when families are able to make progress toward the following three goals:

  • Earn It – Working families are earning a living that allows them to survive and thrive in their community by qualifying for a job, finding and keeping that job, and advancing in a career that pays a family sustaining wage.
  • Keep It – Working families access a full range of financial services through mainstream bank accounts, tax credits, and training programs that protect their income.
  • Grow It – Working families are accumulating and maintaining their assets through higher education, home purchases, small business creation, and other asset leveraging actions.

This approach is also shaped by Hawai‘i’s unique culture and values base. From our island context, wealth is also the ability to share possessions rather than just accumulate them for one’s self. It is for this reason that the Native Hawaiian concept of ho‘owaiwai (meaning “to enrich”) underlies the efforts of the Hawai‘i statewide asset-building network. Thus, strategies to support island families and communities to Share It are also at the core of our asset-building efforts.

We support policy and practice initiatives that help families and communities push the framework of “Earn It, Keep It, Grow It, Share It.” Asset-building policies and practices under this framework help families in our island state build genuine wealth that is shared and sustained for all now and for future generations.

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