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Assets Hawaii


Our Asset Policy Agenda

Our policy agenda supports policies that strengthen family financial security while building the cultural, environmental, and human assets of families and communities across all islands in Hawai‘i. 

The Network’s approach to policy development is to identify critical issues and key strategies at the grassroots level and effectively use these to influence statewide policy change. The approach incorporates a range of interactions with families (i.e., ‘Ohana Dialogue’), communities, and public, private, and nonprofit stakeholder agencies and organizations.  The following are examples of policy areas that we support under our framework of Earn It, Keep It, Grow It, Share It.

Earn It

  • Increase Income
    • Expand volunteer income tax assistance (VITA) programs
    • Establish accurate measures of costs of living, such as the self-sufficiency standard
    • Increase the number of and access to living wage jobs

  • Readiness to Earn
    • Ensure families receive basic education and job training

  • Expand opportunities to Earn
    • Support living wage jobs and career advancement

Keep It

  • Protect & Stabilize Financial Lives
    • Help families protect and stabilize their financial situation (i.e. consumer credit counseling, foreclosure prevention, etc.)
    • Break down barriers to asset building (i.e. removing asset limits in public benefit programs)

  • Reduce Costs
    • Decrease costs of transportation, child care, health care, energy, food (such as subsistence strategies), etc.

  • Access to Non-Predatory Financial Services
    • Support responsible financial services, anti-predatory lending practices, and anti-investing fraud

  • Obtain Financial Education
    • Support a continuum of financial education services for families

Grow It

  • Acquire Assets & Build Community Wealth
    • Preserve land, community centers, and cultural sites that support communities and families

  • Increase Individual & Family Assets
    • Support match savings programs, such as individual development account (IDA) programs
    • Support children’s savings programs

  • Obtain Homeownership
    • Support policies that help families achieve homeownership

  • Encourage Micro/Small Business Development
    • Assist families that want to start a small business

  • Assist Post-Secondary Education
    • Support policies that assist individuals and families to further their education

Share It

  • Support Community-Based Economic Development

  • Support Community Land Trusts

  • Support Resident Ownership Mechanisms

  • Nurture A Culture Of Sharing & Giving

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