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Assets Hawaii

Hawai`i Island

Hawai`i Island

Hawai`i County has one of the lowest annual wages and highest costs of living in the nation. The stress from these challenges creates instability for island families and communities: high debt, poor health, addiction, homelessness, marital distress, and crime and violence. This combination of low wages and high expenses makes building financial assets extremely difficult. The County of Hawai`i’s Department of Research & Development leads and coordinates the local Ho`owaiwai Network – Hawai`i Island, the county-wide Financial Empowerment Initiative, the Cities for Financial Empowerment Coalition, and the Children’s Savings Initiative. Read more about each of these initiatives below or view the Local Assets & Opportunity Profile for Hawai`i Island.

Ho'owaiwai Network - Hawai'i Island

Meeting Resources

The Ho`owaiwai Network – Hawai`i Island organizes around actions that address asset poverty and build wealth and financial stability for families and communities on Hawai`i Island. The goal of the Ho`owaiwai Network – Hawai`i Island is to create a collaborative effort to nurture and nourish local asset building for families in a way that can be sustained for future generations. The Network brings together private, public, and community-based organizations to advance the financial health and well-being of island families.


Children’s Savings Initiative – Hawai`i Island

Children's Savings Project

The County of Hawai`i leads the Children’s Savings Initiative – Hawai`i Island. The County’s vision is for every child on Hawai`i Island to have a savings account, learn the value of saving, and build a culture of sharing and caring throughout the island.


Financial Empowerment Initiative

The County of Hawai`i’s financial empowerment initiative, called Ho`owaiwai (to enrich), advocates for holistic policies and practices that encourage the generation of wealth, health, and well-being. This initiative aims to guide the County of Hawai`i, in partnership with families and communities, to implement asset policy strategies that help increase self-sufficiency and well-being. To be directed to the Hawai'i County Research & Development website.


Hawai'i Island Networking Opportunities & Events

Hawaii Island Blog

Click here to be directed to the Hawai’i Island blog & stay up to date with the latest events on Hawai’i Island.


Cities for Financial Empowerment Coalition

In 2010, the County of Hawai`i joined the Cities for Financial Empowerment (CFE) coalition as the 11th member of the nation’s first coalition of local government dedicated to financial empowerment initiatives. Members of the CFE coalition, founded by New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and San Francisco Gavin Newsom, use their leverage within local government to advance innovative financial empowerment initiatives that promote access to safe and affordable financial products and services, increase financial literacy and asset-building opportunities, and provide greater protection for residents. The County of Hawai`i is the only CFE member from a County and rural structure.


Research & Resources

Local Resources

Visit our Resource Library for more information, including: ● Research ● Practice ● Policy ● Lessons from the field


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