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Local Efforts

Local Efforts

Core members of the statewide Ho`owaiwai Network have been instrumental in forming island-wide, and in some cases, county-wide chapters of the Ho`owaiwai Network. The goals of the island/county-wide efforts are to create on-island collaborative efforts to nurture and nourish local asset building for families in a way that can be sustained for future generations. Similar to the statewide Ho`owaiwai Network, the island/county-wide networks bring together private, public, and community-based organizations to advance the wealth and well-being of island families. Local efforts help to inform statewide efforts of the Ho`owaiwai Network.

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Hawai'i Island


Although there is no formal chapter of the Ho`owaiwai Network on Oahu, there are numerous organizations and agencies that are leading asset-building efforts and policy on the island that help inform the statewide efforts of the Ho`owaiwai Network. In addition, the statewide gatherings of the Ho`owaiwai Network are located on Oahu. For more information, contact HACBED at 808-550-2661 or

Maui County

Currently, there is no formal local chapter of the Ho`owaiwai Network on Maui. However, there are numerous community organizations on Maui that implement and support asset-building strategies and efforts.

For more information, contact HACBED at 808-550-2661 or


A Kauai chapter of the Ho`owaiwai Network is currently under formation. Judy Lenthall, executive director of the Kauai Independent Food Bank, is leading the charge to form a local network on the island of Kauai.

An informal network currently exists on Kauai which is engaged in a variety of asset-building programs and efforts led by multiple agencies:

  • Ele`ele Elementary School operates a youth savings program for its 3rd grade classes in partnership with the Kaumakani Credit Union and conducts financial literacy training in the classroom;
  • The Kauai Independent Food Bank was the impetus for proposed legislation to eliminate the asset test for SNAP (food stamps) which became effective statewide October 1, 2010;
  • Other examples of efforts include programs of the Kauai Youth Network, the Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) at Kauai County Housing, and the work of the Kauai Planning and Action Alliance.

A diverse range of caring individuals from communities all over Kauai – families, youth, policymakers, community practitioners, financial institutions, employers, and resource partners — are interested and passionate about organizing around actions to address asset poverty that build the wealth and financial stability of Kauai’s working families. Moreover, there are additional strategies and tools for action to increase family and community assets within the unique context of Kauai.

For more information, contact HACBED at 808-550-2661 or

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