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Assets Hawaii


Island-Style Asset Building

For generations, Hawai`i families have been saving and building their assets in hope of a better future for themselves and their children. Even in the most challenging circumstances, they have saved money, started businesses, utilized credit, bought property, invested in education, and planned for retirement. They accomplished this with hard work, sacrifice and asset building.

Like the people of Hawai`i’s past, Hawai`i families struggling today can build assets and lift themselves and their children to better lives. But today’s challenges require different solutions. Today, Hawai`i families face significantly higher costs of living – including housing, transportation, child care and food costs – making it difficult for families to make ends meet. Like the rest of the United States, Hawai`i’s policies that address poverty tend to be income-based, helping families get by, but not enabling them to save and invest. As a result, even though many of today’s families work hard and sacrifice, they are stuck in a cycle of getting by rather than getting ahead.

Together with better policies and innovative strategies, we can help families build financial security to help withstand difficult times, create economic opportunities for themselves and their children, and leave a legacy for future generations to have a better life.

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