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About Ho`owaiwai Network

The Ho`owaiwai Network is comprised of private and public organizations, community practitioners, financial institutions, and families and youth in Hawai`i that organize actions to address asset poverty and build the wealth and financial stability of Hawai`i’s working families. The Network consists of over 500 members from every island across the state.

Ho`owaiwai Network members work to build strategies and tools to increase family and community assets within the unique context of Hawai`i. We are building our wealth together – our way. The mission of the Ho`owaiwai Network is to encourage family and community self sufficiency through asset-building policy and practice.

What’s a Network?

A group of individuals and/or organizations who are connected around a common purpose, actively engaged, able to self-organize, and fueled by new technologies. Networks influence the quality of communication and the likelihood of collaboration and innovation.

The Ho`owaiwai Network’s ultimate goal is to help families and communities build genuine wealth, and to do so in a way that is appropriate for island people – respecting the relationship island people have with the islands that feed them, both body and spirit. The Network builds innovative relationships and structures, nurtures a generation of good ideas, and helps bring those ideas to scale.

With support from the Hawaii Community Foundation and the funders of the Community Stabilization Initiative, the Ho`owaiwai Network has an opportunity to move asset building in Hawai`i to the next level.

The Ho'owaiwai Network's big questions: The Ho'owaiwai Network is about family & community self-sufficiency, but what does that mean within the context of Hawai'i and for the families in Hawai'i? Is it more than just financial?  Click here to access the "Introduction to  Ho'owaiwai Network" Power Point slides.

What does asset building look like from a network approach and how do we gain more support for the network approach? Click here to find out more about a network approach from a funder's perspective, a document entitled "Catalyzing Networks for Social Change."

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